The picture is explaining how to tie a drop shot rig - knot for drop shot

How to tie a drop shot rig | Knots for drop shot

The drop shot rig / fishing knots is a type of rigging that is used to present a hook or lure at a specific depth below a weight or sinker. The line is attached to the weight or sinker, which is then cast out into the water, and the hook or lure is suspended at a specific distance below the weight or sinker. This technique allows the bait or lure to be presented in a natural, lifelike manner, making it an effective way to catch a wide range of fish species. Drop shotting is considered a finesse fishing technique and the drop shot knot is one of the best knots to use for this technique.

HOW TO TIE A DROP SHOT FISHING KNOT? step by step guide:

Drop shot fishing knot is not so much different from the other fishing knots. All you need to do is to just learn how to perform it and it will be quicker and easier (and fun as well) with some practice. Here, we will guide you on how to tie this knot in a few easy steps.

  1. Firstly, you need to hold the hook facing up, double up your line for long loop and now pass it through the eye of the hook. Pull through 10 to 36 inches (or as you think should be) to make a leader.
  2. Tie a loose overhand knot with the doubled line.
  3. Now, pass the hook through the loop you made. 
  4. Apply water (or likewise) and pull the knot tightly.
  5. Thread the tag end through the eye of the hook and pull tight. It will make the lure more attractive by allowing it to move naturally in the water.
  6. Before applying the last step, confirm first that the hook is still facing up.
  7. At the end, attach the lure to the hook.

Once the drop shot knot is tied, Attach a weight or sinker to the end of your fishing line. The weight or sinker should be small enough to allow the line to move freely through the water. It is that simple. Below is a diagram for your best assistance.

the picture showing how to tie a drop shot rig - knot for drop shot in the form of diagram.


It’s important to note that when you’re tying the knots, make sure to wet the line before tightening the knot and then pull on the tag end of the line and the main line to ensure that the knot is tight and secure. You can also use a rubber stopper or a bead above the knot to keep the weight or sinker

You can check this video on youtube as well for visual guidance.


A drop shot knot is typically used when fishing for species that are found in deeper water or near the bottom. It is particularly effective when fishing for bass, walleye, and other species that feed near the bottom or in mid-water column. It can also be used to target suspended fish, as the bait or lure can be presented at a specific depth to match the fish’s location.

Additionally, drop shot knot can also be useful in situations where traditional bottom fishing methods like jigging or Carolina rigging may spook the fish or prove to be too heavy. When finesse fishing is required and the fish are being finicky, drop shot rig can be a good option. The drop shot knot can also be used in clear water, where fish are more likely to be wary of heavy or unnatural-looking presentations.

In summary, the drop shot knot is an adapted rigging method that can be used in many different fishing situations, specifically when fishing in deeper water or targeting bottom-dwelling or suspended fish. It’s also a great technique when finesse fishing is required and the fish are being picky.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to tie a drop shot rig for bass?

Tie a Palomar knot 6-12 inches above weight, tie a dropper loop 12-18 inches above, thread through weight, adjust depth, tie hook to Palomar knot, cast and fish.

How to tie Uni knot for drop shot?

Tie a Uni knot to hook or lure, double the line and thread through the eye of the hook, wrap the line around itself 5-6 times, thread the end of the line through the loop formed, pull tight and trim tag end. Tie another Uni knot to the weight, adjust the distance between knots, slide the weight to the desired depth, cast and fish.

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